Pick up/Drop off Location Map

We currently have two pickup and drop off locations, one to serve members in the southern part of the state and another further north. The first, in Middletown, is located in the commuter parking lot off of Industrial Park Road. Please note this is NOT the lot directly on Rt 372. The second lot is off of Day Hill Rd and Rt 75 in Windsor.

Pickups are made first in Middletown, followed roughly 30 minutes later in Windsor. Buses leave the lots precisely at the scheduled departure times with those aboard, so please plan accordingly.

Using the map below, please click on the appropriate number to zoom in on the exact location. (hint: the Satellite view will give you a much more precise location)        Return to General Information Page

pickup #2
I-91 @ Route 75 (Exit 38)
pickup #1
Industrial Park Road (off Route 372)