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IKON Pass Discount                                      ** THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED **

The AE Ski Club is offering current or new club members discounted purchases (new / renewal) of IKON passes for the 2023-24 season. This offer is being made in conjunction with one of our tour providers for two of the week trips we are offering.

If you already purchased your IKON pass product for the 2023-24 season, you are NOT eligible for this offer.

The passes you can purchase are listed below, with their discounted group rate compared to the online price.

IN ADDITION, by partnering with one of our tour providers, we can offer a discount on the Kitzbuhel or Big Sky week trips ONLY if your IKON pass is purchased via this Google form (button below). Please note the discount IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE BANFF 2024 WEEK TRIP because we are using a different a tour provider for the Banff trip.

The Kitzbuhel or Big Sky week trip price reduction is dependent on the pass purchased as follows:

Complete the Google form to purchase your IKON pass through the AE Ski Club via our tour provider via this button (visible to all members) :


 How the program works:

  1. You will complete the Google form to purchase your IKON pass via the button above.
  2. If applicable, sign up for the week trip(s) of your choice via aeskiclub.com starting 7/1/23 @ 5 PM ET.
    1. A 2023-24 AE Ski Club membership is required prior to week trip sign-up.
    2. Spots are limited and the week trips sell out quickly, so sign up early.
    3. Week trip signup is required only for the ADDITIONAL WEEK TRIP price reduction offer !!!
  3. You will pay “AE Ski Club” separately for the IKON pass option you selected. Remit check ASAP to:
    1. AE Ski Club, Attn: Ikon Pass, 78 Parmelee Road, Haddam, CT 06438
    2. Check should be payable to “AE Ski Club”
  4. AE Ski Club will pay the tour provider in a single payment for all the IKON pass orders.  
  5. You will then receive a promo code from us to use on the IKON site where you can purchase your pass for zero dollars.
  6. The GROUP purchase of IKON passes will happen only when the tour provider submits our group pass purchase – most likely in September.
    1. We must purchase all tickets at once, therefore you will not be making an “immediate purchase” on the IKON site.  


  • Lift reservations are required for ALL ski days at Big Sky once your pass is purchased.
  • Big Sky Tram rides are at an additional cost. 

Contact Cheryl Parmelee for more details, and questions on this discount offer.